Financial Planning and Analysis

Case Studies

Financial Planning and Analysis

A new-to-role CFO struggled to develop an effective financial plan as the organization faced significant challenges. ERG’s assistance was sought to implement a proactive, collaborative planning approach.



  • Centralized ownership of planning process inhibited collaboration
  • Outcomes did not adequately reflect or support budgetary objectives and business insights of cross-functional managers
  • Financial planning was managed in Excel using a time-consuming manual data extraction and update process
  • Held consultative meetings with the CFO and business segment leads to formulate a decentralized budgeting approach that was collaborative, cross-functional and consistent with best practices
  • Deployed tools for scenario, sensitivity and variance analysis, data reconciliation and consolidation
  • Implemented automatic sharing of reports with version control

Successful implementation of a decentralized, collaborative, and cross-functional financial planning and analysis function that transformed the overarching company strategy into budgets, forecasts, performance targets and analyses.

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