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About Us


Enterprise Resource Group (“ERG”) is a Bahamas-based boutique consulting firm specializing in end-to-end enterprise support services.

Why We do What We do…

We push beyond the status quo challenging the traditional ways of problem-solving and doing business.

We are trusted advisors who provide honest, impartial advice that is rooted in top-tier, real world experience.

We are catalysts for value creation and growth.
We lean into the future fearlessly beyond boundaries.

18 Years of  Service

…with 40 years of vertical market experience


Management Consulting | Strategy | Implementation

Our vision is to be a premier provider of edge-to-edge enterprise support services and a catalyst for innovation. 

Finance Effectiveness

Effective decision making and the successful execution of business strategy require the adaptation of your finance...

Financial Accounting and Reporting

In making decisions, you and your managers must have the right financial information in hand when you need it...

Audit Readiness

Audits draw on time and resources. As a trusted extension of management, we effectively manage the process...

Entrepreneurial Finance

ERG has an entrepreneurial focus that transcends investment. We assist the entrepreneur in making...

Process Engineering and Implementation

Symptoms like protracted closings, inaccurate numbers, backlogs and increasing manual workarounds...


 From organization start-up through early development and beyond, we will work with you to maximise use of your...

Financial Planning and Analysis

Effective decision making and the success of your business depends on timely, transparent, and accurate information...


We help enterprises accomplish execution to achieve business objectives including long-term operating...

Interim Management

Even the most experienced management teams are challenged to maintain or scale leadership skill...

Financial System Design and Implementation

We have a deep understanding of the accounting and finance functions. This understanding married with...

We are a local company with a global prospective.

Quality is an integral component of everything we do!

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Enterprise Resource Group (“ERG”) is a Bahamas-based boutique consulting firm specializing in end-to-end enterprise support services.

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Nassau, Bahams
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