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Entrepreneurial Finance

A bootstrapped early-stage communications start-up experiencing Annual Recurring Revenue growth of 260% needed guidance in making critical next stage venture funding decisions.



  • Insufficient capacity to focus on day-to-day operations and growth while seeking outside funding
  • Lack of focused investor funding strategy
  • Inconsistent venture value proposition
  • Little knowledge of available funding sources and understanding of which would be suitable
  • Business plan did not adequately reflect evidence of commitment and capability
  • Developed business model with compelling market opportunity and value proposition
  • Identified key performance indicators to support capital raise initiatives
  • Validated market revenue potential
  • Tailored business plan to reflect traction, strategy, and capacity to meet performance milestones
  • Assessed available funding sources and developed a multi-sourced based funding strategy
  • Contacted prospective financing sources and initiated preliminary discussions
  • Created the Investment Opportunity Summary and a polished investor pitch deck
  • Coordinated investor presentations and related discussions
  • Coordinated due diligence including assessments of the accounting impact of the key terms of proposed instruments

The successful capital raise, comprising debt and equity, funded infrastructure buildout and technical onboarding to support subscriber growth and further product development.

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